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Wooden frog sculpture created by Alice Wang at hophopwoodshop, showcasing fine craftsmanship and intricate details
Colourful clay sculpture by hophopwoodshop of a cute fox character posing with a skateboard, showcasing intricate details and vibrant hand-painted colours
Miniature wooden sculpture by Alice Wang featuring fanart of the Multiverse Baker from the Tales from Soda Island VR series, showcasing exquisite carving craftsmanship and capturing the whimsical charm of the character
Wood carving sculpture depicting a whimsical hot air balloon in the shape of a fish with a cat riding in the basket below. The sculpture features vibrant blue and purple paint, showcasing imaginative design and craftmanship by hop hop woodshop
Wood carving by hop hop woodshop featuring a whimsical frog adorned in a fancy outfit with a large and intricate ruffle collar. The sculpture showcases a singing pose, capturing the charm and creativity of the design
Wood carving by Alice Wang of hop hop woodshop featuring KK Slider from Animal Crossing playing the guitar. Exposed wood with hand painted facial features capture the character's charm and essence.
Black and White clay sculpture by Alice Wang featuring the foretold crow from the video game Death's Door. The sculpture beautifully captures the essence of the character, showcasing intricate details and masterful craftsmanship
Clayu sculptures by Alice Wang featuring the characters Mae and Gregg from the video game 'Night in the Woods'. MAde by Hop Hop Woodshop.
Vibrant orange clay sculpture by Alice Wang depicting Garfield pointing forward with a sly expression while holding a sign that reads 'hot'. The sculpture captures the character's mischevious charm and showcases meticulous craftsmanship
Wooden Sockeye Salmon sculpture by Alice Wang of Hop Hop Woodshop, crafted in a blocky style with a bold graphic color scheme. The sculpture showcases contemporary woodcarving and a vibrant color palette.
3d sculpture art fanart of snufkin moomin valley alice wang whittling hophopwoodshop hop woodshop
Hand-painted miniature clay DND fantasy tiefling figurine by Alice Wang of Hophop Woodshop, capturing a dynamic pose on one foot, showcasing intricate details and vibrant colors
Clay Sculpture of a Dachsund dog Christmas Ornament with detailed hand-sculpted fur and realistic painting by Alice Wang.
3d art woodcarving of a shifty eyed raccoon whittling woodcarver alice wang hophopwoodshop hop woodshop
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